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We are a certified concrete company able to help you with most concrete or cement services in your area. Please call us today to inquire more about our services and see how we can help you today!

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Quality 1st Basement Systems has moved to new 10,000 sq ft headquarters in Cliffwood, NJ featuring a complete cafeteria and gym for over 100 employees.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Cliffwood, NJ
Pouring a Walkway in Manalapan, NJ

A contractor in Monmouth County, NJ was looking to have concrete delivered to pour  walkways for one of his customers. He needed about 10 yards of 4500 PSI. The job was in Manalapan, NJ and the contractor wanted a local company to do the delivery for him. He saw one of the Quality Concrete trucks out on the road, he got their phone number, and decided to give them a call. When he spoke to the dispatcher, she let him know that Quality Concrete was located  in Cliffwood, NJ so making the delivery to Manalapan, NJ was not a problem. 

The delivery was scheduled for 8:00 am. The dispatcher called the contractor the day before to confirm the pour, and Sean, the Concrete Specialist, called him the day of the delivery to let him know that he was on his way to the job site. The contractor was working at an apartment complex, so some of the concrete had to be poured into wheel barrows for the contractor's crew to bring over to the walkways. The rest of the pour, Sean was able to pour the concrete straight out of the truck. The contractor's crew and Sean worked together to make the pour as fast and efficient as possible. At the end of the delivery, the concrete was poured in a timely manner, and the job was successfully completed. The contractor was happy with the way the pour went, he was able to complete the job, and his customer was happy with the brand new walkways. 

Concrete Delivery In Matawan, NJ.

A contractor in Monmouth County was doing a pour in Matawan, NJ and needed to have about 17 yards of concrete delivered to the job site. He was pouring around a pool area and was looking for a local company to come out and do the delivery for him. He came across the Quality Concrete website, saw that they were located in Cliffwood, NJ, and decided to call them to get a quote for the pour. Quality Concrete trucks hold 10 yards so the contractor would need 2 trucks for the delivery. When he called, the dispatcher gave him a price over the phone and booked the pour for him. 

Jay, the Concrete Specialist, contacted the contractor when he was on his way to the job site. When he arrived, he parked the concrete truck right in front of the property. The contractor was using wheel barrows to get the concrete out from the truck to the pool area. Jay started mixing fresh concrete and poured it into the wheel barrows for the contractor to bring over to the area they needed it. The contractor had 5 wheel barrows so the concrete was taken out of the truck in a timely manner. Jay brought a second truck to complete the pour and delivered a total of 14 yards of 3500 PSI Concrete. The contractor had originally ordered 17 yards, but only paid for the amount that he used the day of the delivery. At the end of the pour, the contractor was able to successfully complete the job and make his customer happy.

Still warm enough for Concrete

With November around the corner and the temperature dropping the question arises "is it too cold for concrete?".  There are many things you can do to allow you to pour concrete in this cooler weather but the main thing is to be above 32 degrees.  If it is above 32 degrees we can add an accelerator to the concrete to speed up the chemical reaction even in the cold weather plus we always use hot water in the trucks.  Only other thing to watch for is if the temperature drops below 32 in the middle of the night.

Concrete that doesn't go bad.

Some jobs take longer then others, sometimes you can pour the concrete non stop off the truck to fill a hole but many times this is not the case.  We have seen some jobs where they are pours the concrete a few hundred feet away from the truck and they need to wheel barrel it the entire way.  With the traditional barrel truck this can cause a problem if the concrete is sitting in the truck for a long period of time.  With the Zimmerman Mobile Mixers though we make the concrete fresh in the auger so if you have a job that will take a longer time you will still be getting fresh concrete throughout the entire pour.  Just give us a call and let me know how long you will need the truck and we will help you complete your jobs. 

Concrete Strength

Concrete comes in many different strengths known as PSI, the average PSI used ranges from 3000-4500 PSI with 3500 PSI being the most common.  The higher the PSI of the concrete the stronger the concrete's breaking point.  Most sidewalk are around 3500 PSI and driveways are around 4500 PSI.  If you have any questions about what strength concrete you will need feel free to give us a call and ask.

Want Concrete without the Delivery Charge?

We have recently finished setting up our contractor concrete pickup location.  If you need concrete but don’t want to pay for the delivery charge just give us a call and then stop on by and pick up your concrete. This concrete is made fresh so you will have plenty of time to take the concrete back to the work site and finish the job.  In the pictures below we filled up a pickup truck with 2 yards of concrete and the contractor was able to get back and finish the job.

Work Requests From Cliffwood, NJ
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